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5/17/21 UPDATE

I wanted to give you an update of the guidelines at my salon since the mask mandate has been lifted in NC.😷

It is very reassuring to see so many people in our community getting vaccinated and steps being taken to get life back to normal. Although Governor Cooper lifted the mask mandate, individual businesses can make the choice in regards to mask wearing. At this time, I will continue to wear my mask in the salon until the vaccination rates increase and I feel more comfortable. This is the best decision since I see a large number of clients daily and work so closely to them. I want you to feel comfortable coming to my salon and everyone’s safety is my top priority.

Here’s what you can expect at your next appointment:

⭐️Sola is requiring masks be worn in the common areas of the salon (entrances, hallways and bathrooms).

⭐️For the time being, the salon doors will remained locked and you must text me when you arrive.

⭐️Appointment times are still spaced to prevent client overlap and provide adequate time for proper cleaning.

⭐️Please reschedule if you or anyone in your household has a fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath or any other known symptoms of COVID-19.

⭐️With everyone’s cooperation, we can get back to normal life sooner rather than later. I thank you for your continued support and patience! Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns.😷

⭐️As of 3/22/21, I am fully vaccinated.  Although I have received my vaccine, that does not mean that I will relax my COVID-19 prevention protocols, not only at the salon, but also in my personal life.  I know my interactions outside of the salon have the potential to affect my future interactions with my clients.

⭐️After re-opening almost a year ago, I am happy to say the safety protocols put in place have been successful at keeping clients and myself safe at my salon! I want you to feel safe coming to my salon and I understand everyone has a different comfort level when navigating their choice of activities. 

  I thought it important to outline my safety guidelines:

⭐️All appointments have an additional 15 minutes added to ensure extra disinfection of my workspace and entire room on top of what is already required pre-COVID.  This extra time allows for the disinfectants to be in contact with surfaces long enough to be effective. 

⭐️The salon doors are locked to ensure only people enter the building with their stylist. 

This also serves to keep foot traffic down in the salon so that you are less likely to come into close proximity to anyone other than me. When you arrive, you can call/text me and I will meet you at the door to let you in.

⭐️ Masks are to be worn into the building and common areas, but you may remove yours when I begin your facial. As for laundry, I’m really limiting my use of linens/drapes and towels, although you have the option to wear a drape for your facial. 

⭐️Laundry is completed daily with hot water and bleach. I monitor my temperature daily and I will also be double masking for your treatment.  Gloves are worn at your request for a facial service.

 ⭐️I have also made the payment process contactless for you. 

 ⭐️I am taking this so seriously, that I limit and scrutinize any activities and outings in my personal life since I know contact I have with anyone could affect future contact I have with clients. I am doing absolutely everything in my power to make your treatment as safe as possible for both of us and I feel good about the protocols in place. 

 I look forward to seeing you when YOU are ready!

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